Rolling Down

2008.03.20Last night the other tech and the Canadian tech took me out bowling with them, it was a great time! I scored over 100. Not bad for the first time bowling.

While idling in the ball return a ball rolled up and over me, ow! I hope my hat will recover.

The music there was incredibly loud, I’m not sure why they keep it this loud, in fact I’m surprised no one has sued them over bursting their ear drums. The lights were also turned out… why do you bowl in the dark?

This is me with my high score!


It smells horrible in here….the people next door are burning their rotten hay again and it smells so bad.. Even a customer’s baby was choking and my favorite tech started complaining as soon as he walked in.

I swear it smells like burning used hay from a horse stall in the hell is that supposed to relax people who are being stabbed for therapeutic purposes? If this is what their business smells like, no wonder their customers pay to be stabbed.

Burgers and Sandwiches

Today the other tech and the Canadian tech took me to a nice bar type place to eat, on the way there I saw a guy on the corner dressed just like me! How embarrassing! He was twirling a sign advertising taxes, poor guy.

They had some cheese filled bread with marinara sauce. Somehow I ended up in the sauce. After the appetizer the other tech had a french dip, I don’t think there was enough meat for him though. The Canadian had a burger, not the Ben burger but a regular cheese burger, which looked alot like the burgers they had at Golden Corral.

I had a fun time aside from the marinara, but I missed having my favorite tech along for lunch, he would have saved me from the marinara!