More Italian

2008.05.27I’m looking forward to working with my ninjitsu master this evening, so much so that I decided I should treat the guys to lunch today. Unfortunately my favorite tech was not able to come, but it was still an enjoyable lunch. I love Oregano’s!

The Elation of Waffles

Once again we ventured to our favorite place for waffles (and often chicken). We were met with terrible news! The friendly hostess has informed us that they are closing as of Friday next week! I am saddened. Do you know how impossible it is to find a good waffle?

In further news, my favorite tech has been out ‘sick’ since Thursday. The other techs are quite pissed off at him for being so, and in fact I wonder if he isn’t just taking a 5 day weekend. But good for him! He should have just taken me with him if he is!

How sad, ones near favorite restaurant closing.

Sad days indeed

Losing two brothers in a year is something one should not have to go through. Of course, as I am a duck and come from a large family, fear that I will lose many more relatives to this ninja fiend.

I should explain my situation. I am the eldest duck of many. My father has long since passed on, he did not die from a Ninja attack or the like, but peacefully in his bed at an old age. He was an adventurer, was always off in the world discovering this, or doing that. He always brought home the best presents.

My brothers and sisters all live life different than I do. None of them have a job, they all hang out in bathrooms or parks and go to races. I wonder sometimes why I ended up being the bread winner.

But anyway, I thought I should let you know something of family.


2008.05.22After taking a day to recover my wits, and to see my brother off in an appropriate manner, I have returned to work. Upon arriving everyone, of course, greeted me with their sorrows and apologies.

What I found very strange though was the mysterious message on the white board, is this from friend or foe? What does Neh mean? Should I be comforted by this message, or frightened?

I have found someone to train me, we begin next week.