2008.08.27Something in their tag line once had the word excitement in it I think. I’m not sure. But it was certainly fun.

Casino’s are large and frightening to a duck like me, there are so many ways I could get lost or stepped on or shoved into a coin tray… but it was absolutely a fun night!

2008.08.27bI played some black jack and poker. After winning quite a bit of money I settled in at the slot machines.

This was a mistake.I just kept hitting that “max bet” button.. wow those winnings just went away.. I came away $5 shorter than I walked in!

Amazing how you can be so high than so low. I bet it works in reverse too!

So Excited!

2008.08.25I got so very excited! My favorite tech told me there was a restaurant dedicated to waffles!! It’s called Waffle House! Can you believe it? Whoever thought up this place is a genius!

I visited one and was looking forward to having waffles again, it’s really too bad they didn’t serve chicken with them…

In the end the waffles were flat and sadly disappointing… I will have to continue my search for a great waffle place. I still miss Home Plate Cafe.