2008.09.08I don’t know what to say or do… I was feeling so safe. My poor dear sister, I found her this morning in the office when I came in, I’m not even sure how she got here. There was a note from the Ninja detailing how he was going to come after everyone in my family…

My sensei was right! Now what do I do? I’m sad, angry, vulnerable… want revenge!


2008.09.06Last night I took my sensei out to Ninja Sushi in Chandler, it was very yummy! The sushi chef was very nice, you can even see him in this picture, he rocked!

All kinds of sushi are served here and they have an all you can eat dinner for 24.95 per person, very good price for a filling meal of sushi.


Sensei Checkup

2008.09.03I admit that I’ve been letting my practice go lax these recent weeks. I haven’t seen the ninja about, and I haven’t gotten notes from him about my family. I don’t feel that I need to practice as he’s not about.

Sensei has told me it matters not that I dont’ see him, my opponent is always about. To prove it he has checked up on me, but allowed himself to be seen to surprise me.

I still don’t think the ninja is after me anymore.