A Racer

I’ve been wondering what kind of career I can make for myself. I’ve heard about marathon racers who train and train, and then they travel all over the world to compete. Wouldn’t that be a great thing for me? I could race with other ducks all over the world! I heard about several races coming up…in September there’s a race down the North Platte River in Nebraska- the grand prize is a bright red 2008 Chevy Silverado truck, the second prize is a Honda four-wheel drive ATV – how do I drive one of those?
There was a race in Glascow recently, but I heard about that one too late – the winner would get a new car. Just think of all the places I could go, Newport, Arkansas; Dubuque, Iowa and all the prizes I could win…that is, if I’m good at racing.

But I’m Hungry!

2008.07.09I will never understand why people have to put such limitations on the nation!

Why would you not want to feed me? I like to eat, it’s quite obvious.. but noooo the man has to keep me down, he won’t let you give me food I have to forage on my own!

Protest my friends, protest! Bring it to the government, tell them you want to feed us birds and that these signs are just a waste!

Birds like to eat too!

Frappuccino Please

2008.07.08A long time ago in a g.. wait no, that’s a different story. Back in 1971 this silly place formed and has made a fortune ever since!

I wish I could travel through time and invest in this place back in it’s early days, as it is I just get to visit the gift shop and get a lousy tee-shirt.