Today is one of the greatest Holidays ever! I love thanksgiving. It brings my family together and we all give thanks for what we have. I do miss those who have passed this year, but we also give thanks for them.

I do have one issue though… I have been informed by a good source that people are having something called a Turducken. I am appalled at the very thought of this. Yes, I agree Chicken and Turkey are great foods, I love them. But Ducks are sacred, you should never stuff another bird with one of me! I refuse to shop anywhere that sells Turduckens!


R & R

2008.09.20Rest and relaxation – putting my troubles behind me. I decided to let go tonight and have some fun.

Hopefully things are back to normal soon, I’m still unsure what to do though.


2008.09.06Last night I took my sensei out to Ninja Sushi in Chandler, it was very yummy! The sushi chef was very nice, you can even see him in this picture, he rocked!

All kinds of sushi are served here and they have an all you can eat dinner for 24.95 per person, very good price for a filling meal of sushi.