2008.04.29Culver’s..what? Ice cream and burgers I think. The techs and I decided to try something new today. When we arrived there was a horrible line to order. Once our order was in place we were given a red tag to place on the table. We then went to sit down… all the tables were taken :(. We went outside.. again all the tables were taken… We had to camp for 5 minutes to wait for someone to leave then steal the table!

The food eventually arrived, it was bland, and definitely not worth the wait.

Mourning Today

2008.04.24The other week I had introduced my valued readers, you, to my brother. I’m sad to report that he has passed away.

I had left him in the care of my favorite tech over night last night, but when I arrived at work this morning I found him like this…

There was a note nearby from the Ninja.. I’m next.


2008.04.21I was heading to an appointment today and found that the freeway was closed! How horrible, I ended up being over an hour late because of traffic. Sometimes the city life is horrible, sometimes it’s wonderful.

Today.. well you can see for yourself.

Paranoid Android

2008.04.19I’m actually a paranoid duck.

I had to work some today to get a few devices programmed for one of our clients (they are going to four locations on Monday), and I just know the ninja is here watching, waiting.

I’m hiding amongst the equipment I’m programming hoping he doesn’t realize I’m here today. This place is creepy when you’re here all alone.