2008.11.19My poor family has suffered again and again. I get back from vacation and am working hard at the computer tech company and recruiting my army and hunting the Ninja… and what happens? Once again the Ninja strikes! In the heart of my army encampment where I have most of my relatives safely tucked away…I find my dear brother Joshua in this manner.. dead.. but in a most horrific way.

I no longer know what to do.

Sad days indeed

Losing two brothers in a year is something one should not have to go through. Of course, as I am a duck and come from a large family, fear that I will lose many more relatives to this ninja fiend.

I should explain my situation. I am the eldest duck of many. My father has long since passed on, he did not die from a Ninja attack or the like, but peacefully in his bed at an old age. He was an adventurer, was always off in the world discovering this, or doing that. He always brought home the best presents.

My brothers and sisters all live life different than I do. None of them have a job, they all hang out in bathrooms or parks and go to races. I wonder sometimes why I ended up being the bread winner.

But anyway, I thought I should let you know something of family.

Horrible News

2008.05.20I came into work this morning, having spent the night at my favorite techs again, and discovered to my horror that the Ninja has only been lying in wait! I found another brother of mine, Ernest, like this, a note from the Ninja telling me it was him and he was still after me nearby.

I now believe that the rest of my family is in horrible danger. The ninja has now killed two of my brothers, leaving me notes on both occasions. I was feeling so secure that he was going to leave me alone and now I don’t know what to do. Why is he doing this to me?

I am now once again, a mourning duck.

Mourning Today

2008.04.24The other week I had introduced my valued readers, you, to my brother. I’m sad to report that he has passed away.

I had left him in the care of my favorite tech over night last night, but when I arrived at work this morning I found him like this…

There was a note nearby from the Ninja.. I’m next.