Pizza Monday

2008.05.19After a hard morning at one of our clients (who refuses to upgrade their hardware even when their software or expansion hardware requires it) the other tech, the Canadian, and I decided we wanted some pizza.

Rather than do Nello’s again we decided on Barro’s. It was good pizza overall but I still prefer Nello’s, and the high school crowd was annoying.

I look forward to when we try Oregano’s, see if they are any better.

Another Day, Another Burger

2008.04.082008.04.08bAfter working at the co-lo some more this morning with the Canadian tech, and working on some servers with the other tech in the office. They liked my help so much that they treated me and my favorite tech to lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I had the full pound burger, and loved it! Yum yum!

When you eat a full pound burger there they take your picture with a stuffed burger and put it on the wall, it’s silly fun.

On The Road Again

2008.04.07a2008.04.07bOne of my favorite tech’s favorite sayings is “On the Road Again”, he refers to himself as a trucker tech. I recently got to go on-site to a co-location facility with the Canadian and the other tech. We spent a lot of time there working on cabling and mounting servers into the rack.

Once the servers were mounted and the OS was installing on them, we decided to go to lunch. After some round-about driving, as downtown Phoenix can be confusing with one way streets and construction at random intervals, we stopped at a mall-ish type area and found a nice UNO’s to eat at.

We were called away not long after that due to a power outage at the co-location though 🙁

What happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii

2008.04.03Nello’s is the best pizza place around. I absolutely loved this Hawaiian with mushrooms we had. The Canadian, the other tech and myself all gorged ourselves into a stupor! Num!

I still wonder how I got pizza sauce under my wing though…

When we got back my favorite tech, who is now on a diet and is abstaining from lunch, we got off topic, and at some point he said “hey it makes sense in Hawaii” when referring to pineapples on pizza. That then got applied to networking and group policy.. “That policy makes sense in Hawaii”.