Horrible News

2008.05.20I came into work this morning, having spent the night at my favorite techs again, and discovered to my horror that the Ninja has only been lying in wait! I found another brother of mine, Ernest, like this, a note from the Ninja telling me it was him and he was still after me nearby.

I now believe that the rest of my family is in horrible danger. The ninja has now killed two of my brothers, leaving me notes on both occasions. I was feeling so secure that he was going to leave me alone and now I don’t know what to do. Why is he doing this to me?

I am now once again, a mourning duck.

Pizza Monday

2008.05.19After a hard morning at one of our clients (who refuses to upgrade their hardware even when their software or expansion hardware requires it) the other tech, the Canadian, and I decided we wanted some pizza.

Rather than do Nello’s again we decided on Barro’s. It was good pizza overall but I still prefer Nello’s, and the high school crowd was annoying.

I look forward to when we try Oregano’s, see if they are any better.

Best Lunch Ever

2008.05.16Though, according to the other tech, the second type of macaroni and cheese seemed a bit nasty; my lunch was superb. How can one resist mashed potatoes, chicken, fried apples and corn bread?

I couldn’t. Boston Market all the way! And better yet no sign of the ninja!

Have a happy weekend.


Happy to be home

2008.05.14I’m happy to be back home again! The techs were glad to see me and welcomed me home with lunch at Cucina Taglian. YUM!

There seems to be no sign of the ninja, I think my trip may have threw him off my trail and now he’s no longer looking for me here. Let’s hope!