New Sandwich Shop

2008.06.18Not as good as waffles: sandwiches. As you’re aware from my previous outings – I enjoy waffles. One of my next favorite foods is sandwiches.

Lee’s Sandwiches are a great entry for this field. I enjoyed everything I ate here.. from the sandwich to the smoothie. I’m glad that I discovered this place.

More Meals

2008.06.16Have you noticed that most of my posts are about eating? I love food. Food loves me.

Today I ate at Wendy’s (proper apostrophe there). Wendy’s is a substandard fast food joint, but it will do in a pinch. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. The burger I had today was overdone. At least they’re trying though.

Too Hot To Work

2008.07.01It’s far too hot to work today, I just want to nap and sleep.

Thank goodness My Favorite Tech brought me this drink. I may have expired without it. I also like his nuts that he brought in for us to eat, they are very salty and yummy.

I’m going to visit my brother Lyle next week, yay!


2008.06.09They may be the specialty but they’re not the best I’ve had. A margarita is a margarita though, and I love them.

I think I need to go out more often and hit the clubs.

Until my training is done.. this is my last margarita – sensei has said that alcohol will throw me off guard and my enemies may strike while it is down.