Often these days I find myself thinking back to the better days, before the Ninja. I find myself thinking about how MFT would drive me home for the night, or the Other tech would complain about having to work on the weekend, or the Canadian ended up fixing something unusual with a Cat5 cable…
Then the Ninja came.. my family and friends lives were in peril. The mood at work changed, everyone looking over their shoulders..

I miss the old days.

Wit’s End

I am at my wits end. I no longer know what to do. My family is torn apart, even my closest family members are afraid to talk to me now, for fear that the Ninja will get them next.
I have my army doubling up on shifts, costing me quite a bit to do so, but I must protect my family.

I will find the Ninja.. and I will get my revenge.


2008.11.19My poor family has suffered again and again. I get back from vacation and am working hard at the computer tech company and recruiting my army and hunting the Ninja… and what happens? Once again the Ninja strikes! In the heart of my army encampment where I have most of my relatives safely tucked away…I find my dear brother Joshua in this manner.. dead.. but in a most horrific way.

I no longer know what to do.

Voting today

Image0025My friend, Jack, and I (both registered voters) went in to vote today, they let him in no problem while I waited in line. He voted happily and got his little sticker and everything. Then it all grew dark.

I stepped up to the front of the line and they told me that I can’t vote! They told me I’m not human, and that non-humans, though born in this country can not vote! This is pure evil speciesism! First the Ninja is after me, and now I can’t even vote for a president who will ban evil Ninjas!