Friday Rocks!

2008.06.06I rode a bull today! YES! I love Fridays.

In other news my Sensei says I am progressing well, but have much to learn. Enigmatic really. He recommends that I do more exercising though. That’s one reason why I was riding this bull.

Oh! I started a new project with some friends of mine it’s called “Lost Apostrophes”.

Not Quite the Same

2008.06.04It never is the same – when one of your favorite places closes you try to find a replacement.

Today we found Chompies, they do waffles…but it just doesn’t have the same feel as the old place. I wish they hadn’t closed, they were so friendly and knew all the techs and what they wanted to eat, even how My Favorite Tech didn’t want to eat anything!

These waffles were good. Just not that good.


2008.06.02My master has come by the office to see how I am doing with my exercises, and to give me a test. I’m very glad that I could introduce him to the techs.

As you can see we’re about to do an exercise here, he’s told me it’s a very basic one, but will get me started along the way.

I can’t wait to get my revenge.