Say it right Frenchie

2008.07.07I have many tastes in food, which is quite obvious from my blog. One of the many foods I enjoy tremendously is chowder.

I found myself in Seattle this week and hunting down food while there. In this beautiful city I found Duke’s Chowder House. A great specimen of good seafood dining! I enjoyed it very much.

Cakes Everywhere!

Today I went to the a cake show! While it’s not waffles, it was wall to wall cakes.

The cruel part was you couldn’t eat any of the ones on display! There was a Betty Crocker Lounge though, I was in there for a while and had a red velvet cream cheese cupcake and then they brought out white wedding cake – both were delicious, and there is nothing like free cake!

After the carnival of cakes and lounge, I waddled through the vendors area. You get to taste the different things they are selling, like modeling chocolate, different flavored fondants – all so yummy.


2008.07.02Mmm. How do you like your steak cooked? I like mine medium to medium rare. I can accept medium well.

One of the best cuts is a nice filet, but I’m a sucker for the prime rib. That is what I had here at the Outback. I need to have more steak more often.