Not again!

2008.04.18He’s hunting me down. He’s going to get me. What did I do to deserve this? Why is he after me? Will no-one save me from him? I saw him.. I hear it’s rare to see Ninjas.. but I know it was him.. he was behind the white-board. Sneaky very sneaky. How will I fend off this Ninja? Where is my favorite tech when I need him?

Peking ….

2008.04.16The techs were glad to see me today, I guess I missed a lot yesterday when I was gone. They need my help fixing things! I feel so wanted. They even treated me to some chinese food for lunch, yay!

I hope I get to go to more clients soon, I’ve been in the office with my favorite tech too much lately.


2008.04.15I decided to skip work today and hang out at the arcade. I was stepped on many times, and got stuck on gum here and there, but got out of it. I love Pac-Man!

I hope the techs weren’t over worked without me!