It’s black Friday today, the biggest shopping day of the year!
I wonder if it is the biggest shopping day of the year because of the sales, or because people are bored at home and just want to shop.. or other things. I also wonder.. if they can afford to put on these huge sales now.. how much do they really mark up all this stuff the rest of the year?

I decided to buy a new computer for everyone in my army this year, they’ll all enjoy them I hope, but finding enough at the stores has proven difficult.


Today is one of the greatest Holidays ever! I love thanksgiving. It brings my family together and we all give thanks for what we have. I do miss those who have passed this year, but we also give thanks for them.

I do have one issue though… I have been informed by a good source that people are having something called a Turducken. I am appalled at the very thought of this. Yes, I agree Chicken and Turkey are great foods, I love them. But Ducks are sacred, you should never stuff another bird with one of me! I refuse to shop anywhere that sells Turduckens!


Looking Forward

I apologize there have not been as many pictures on my blog lately. I haven’t been in the mood to be jolly for pictures. I promise that there will be more pictures soon!

I can’t wait for Thanks Giving! All the food is going to be wonderful.. Mashed Potatoes, Turkey, etc. Yum!